The home decor trends every design expert is talking about for 2024

The styles, colours and materials to know about – and how to achieve them in your space

White room with arch painted terracotta
(Image credit: Fernwick & Tilbrook)

With a new year comes new possibilities, goals and (what we're most interested in!) home decor trends. From colours and materials, to shapes and styles, we've spoken to the experts to find out which trends will be setting the scene for 2024.

Whether you're looking to give your home a gentle refresh (new year, new me), you're finally embarking on a major redecorating project or starting a home or extension from scratch, trends are a great way to get started.

While what's most important in what speaks to you and what works for your life, a trend can work as either a useful jumping off point or a paint-by-numbers style of decorating.

So from living room and bedroom trends to wallpaper and paint trends there are plenty of simple ways to update your space for the new year.

The theme for home decor trends 2024 revolves around being in touch with nature, and looking to the past for inspiration, as well as adding more sumptuous curves into our homes. Let's explore them in more detail...


'Reinvented earthy paint colours are set to take centre stage in 2024, due to their ability to rekindle our connection with nature and grounding properties,' says Flora Hogg, colour designer at paint brand Craig & Rose. 'Envision colours of earth, clay and foliage teamed with a burst of colour.'

'Deep forest greens and terracotta tones are predicted to surge in popularity, bringing the tranquillity of the outdoors inside and promoting well-being,' adds Annah Kelly, styling expert for outdoor furniture experts Bridgman.

Sunset shades

White room with arch painted terracotta

(Image credit: Future PLC)

'In 2023, we saw the popularity of cooler greys and blues, but as we enter 2024, we’ll see an influx palette of rich browns, deep oranges and muted reds,' advises Johanna Constantinou, trends expert at Tapi. 'Warm hues bring a sense of comfort to spaces which makes them perfect in creating intimate and inviting living spaces.'

'Sunset shades are predicted to emerge as a key interiors trend in 2024 as people look to imbue their homes with sunny and optimistic colours,' agrees Lena Gierasinska, head of product and displays at Barker and Stonehouse. 'Thanks to their energising properties, sunset shades work particularly well in living rooms or kitchens, as they create a joyful and uplifting space with mood-boosting benefits.

'For those who wish to temper the boldness of these hues, choose sandy neutrals as a base and select a couple of accessories in one accent tone, such as terracotta, to tie the whole look together, for a coherent sunset scheme,' suggests Lena.

Pantone's Colour of The Year, Peach Fuzz, naturally sits beautifully into this sumptuous sunset palette.


Yellow and white painted hallway with black console table

(Image credit: Future PLC/Dominic Blackmore)

Off the back of the sunset mood, yellow is being picked out as a colour to keep an eye on for the year ahead.

'Marigold shades, with their warm and cheerful demeanor are set to bring a burst of optimism into our homes,' notes Kate Palmer, creative director of The Painted Furniture Company. 'This uplifting hue blends sunny yellow and rich gold to achieve a floral-inspired tone that encapsulates the spirit of sunshine, radiating positivity and energy.'

'Yellow is going to be big in 2024,' agrees Shelley Cochrane, accessories buyer at Furniture Village. 'And pairing this beautiful and rich sunshine shade with refreshing touches of whitewashed English-country-inspired furniture is the perfect way to embrace this trend into your home. Yellow also works beautifully on larger pieces of furniture to create a focal point.'


White kitchen with blue cabinets

(Image credit: Future PLC/Darren Chung)

Sicking with the theme of colours plucked straight from nature, blue is another colour that will be big. 'In 2024, the enduring popularity of blue hues, ranging from serene pale blues to deep and rich tones, will remain a dominant force in interior design,' says Kate from The Painted Furniture Company

'Ranging from bold cobalt to bright aqua, blue is set to be the shade of 2024,' adds Hilary Green, head of design at Dartington Crystal. 'The shade is well suited to rooms that prioritise relaxation, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, and sitting rooms.'

'Introduce blue into any space via decorative accessories, such as vases, cushions, or throws,' Hilary suggests. 'These pops of blue – whether subtle or statement – will bring mood-boosting benefits to your home without the need for a costly redecoration.'


Green wall with graphic framed artwork above wooden table

(Image credit: Future PLC/Simon Brown)

You can't really embrace natural colours without touching on green, set to be a big part of home decor trends 2024. 'Soothing shades of pastel green such as mint and pistachio are set to be popular choices,' advises Molly Chandler, designer Willis & Stone. 'Linking back to themes of nature, pastel green shades have warm and inviting undertones making them a great choice for creating a calming atmosphere.'

 'A colour that reflects the natural world, green brings a sense of the outdoors, indoors, and helps to create a harmonious and calming atmosphere,' adds interior designer Juliette Thomas

'An extremely versatile colour, from soft sage to bold emerald and deep forest green, the colour is perfectly suited to a wide range of design aesthetics and looks best when layered together in different tones.'

Muted pastels

Kitchen sink surrounded by tiles and accessories in muted pastel shades

(Image credit: Future PLC/Polly Wreford)

'Pastels, with a muted and sophisticated twist, are gaining popularity in 2024,' explains Kate from The Painted Furniture Company. 'Soft lavender, dusty rose, and pale mint are being used to create serene and stylish interior spaces.

'Muted pastels have the ability to reflect and enhance natural light, making rooms appear brighter and more spacious,' Kate advises This is particularly beneficial for smaller spaces or rooms with limited access to natural light.'

'In terms of home decor trends 2024 we expect to see a lot more soft and muted pastels being used in interior design,' agrees Anna Hill, colour consultant at paint brand Fenwick & Tilbrook. 'Soft blues, lavender tones and pinky-neutrals are all set to be popular for the year ahead.'

'These colours are perfect for creating a calming and serene atmosphere in the home, whilst bringing in subtle colour. They are all also very versatile, easily pairing with a variety of other colours.'


'The lean towards more eclectic interiors lately has been lovely to see as people embrace the colours, patterns and pieces that they love most into their home,' advises Shelley from Furniture Village.

The two main styles we're seeing in home decor trends 2024 certainly lean into this...

Seventies revival

Seventies inspired living room with Eames chair, wooden accents and log burner

(Image credit: Future PLC)

'Retro-inspired interiors are set to make a resurgence in 2024, drawing inspiration from 70s design,' notes Chelsea Clark, head of brand at Henderson Design Group. 'Abstract patterns in warm, rich colours will feature across a variety of interior products, ranging from cushions and carpets to wall coverings.'

'Wallpapers showing saturated colours and large-scale geometric patterns will become increasingly popular among interior designers and homeowners alike, helping create high impact in unexpected spaces, such as hallways and cloakrooms,' says Chelsea.

'Wallpapers of the 1970s were often geometric, or showed an element of repeated print,' adds Jamie Watkins, co-founder, Divine Savages. 'To get a 70s inspired look with a contemporary twist in the home try taking your wallpaper across the ceiling.'

'Another great wall-to-ceiling trick is to only paper up to the picture rail, then paint above this point in the exact same shade as the ceiling - it’s a brave move when using a dark coloured paint but it perfectly balances a bold 70s-style print giving a less-is-more vibe,' Jamie continues.

The Seventies revival isn't limited to prints and furniture, though, as spaces are being redesigned with a retro twist, like with conversation pits. 'Many of our clients are interested in playing with architectural levels to create intimate zones which can be used for conversation spaces with friends,' explains Alicia Meireles, associate director of interior design at OWN LONDON.

Dark maximalism

Bedroom with dark blue and purple pattern wallpaper and bedding

(Image credit: Future PLC)

Another dramatic style expected to win big in terms of home decor trends 2024 is dark maximalism, which is all about embracing an abundance of different dark colours, rich textures and meshing them together to create a moody atmosphere.  

'Dark maximalism is a particular branch of maximalism which focuses on a dark moody colour palette of black and gemstone colours such as ruby red, emerald and sapphire,'explains Melissa Denham, interior design expert from Hammonds Fitted Furniture

'This style can easily get messy if not curated properly,' notes Melissa. 'To create a sense of cohesion in a dark maximalist environment try adding hard finishes using wood and marble. These can help balance out the saturated colours and patterns.  Ultimately, a dark maximalist décor will appear heavy, whilst simultaneously looking rich and purposeful.'

'I have noticed a rise in clients requesting dark and moody interiors, due to the cosy and dramatic atmosphere they tend to create,' agrees interior designer Juliette Thomas. 'Deep shades of black, navy, charcoal, forest green and dark burgundy are essential for this style.'


For 2024, home decor trends for furniture involve looking back to retro styles, and being inspired by nature with shapes and materials. Plus, there's a larger focus on rejecting fast-furniture.

Curved silhouettes

Curved wooden cabinet beside round armchair

(Image credit: Future PLC)

'Curved furniture is set to be the next big thing,' states Daniel Ufland, interior styling expert and co-founder of Flitch. 'We're noticing an increasing preference for seating options with curved backs, marking a noticeable shift from the previous year's inclination towards sharp lines and angles.'

'Whether it’s a more social layout of a rounded sofa, or a dining table with less prescriptive place settings, this trend lends itself perfectly to hosting and socialising,' Daniel notes. 'This trend does away with sharp angular corners and edges, or at least helps to offset existing ones. These wavier silhouettes and less rigid angles can help to soften a space and make it feel more modern and organic.'

'Soft, curved silhouettes were hugely popular in 2023 and they are certainly here to stay,' agrees interior designer Juliette Thomas. 'Offering a gentle, aesthetically pleasing appearance, curves introduce fluidity to a space which contributes to a sense of comfort and cosiness.'

'Extremely versatile, curves also improve spatial flow in a room by making a space feel more open and less rigid - plus, they are timeless as curves are not tied to a specific design aesthetic.'


Rounded rattan hanging chair in pink plastered room

(Image credit: Future PLC/Dan Duchars)

Neatly tying in with both rounded edges and the look back to retro styles ios the consistent love for rattan furniture, expected to continue well into 2024.

'We are seeing a huge interest in rattan furniture – as a sustainable, natural material it fits effortlessly in to both classic and contemporary interiors,' explains Laura Burnett, head of buying at Feather and Black.

Retro touches

Foyer area with display cabinet, armchair and ceiling beams

(Image credit: Future PLC)

As well as a retro looks, with items taken. from the 1970s, there's also more of a general look back to items from other years gone by.

'Retro items such as apothecary, dressing and nesting tables will enjoy a resurgence, along with chaise longues and bureaus,' notes Daniel from Flitch. 'This nod to the past is all thanks to an adoption of a slower pace of living – having a dedicated space for tasks such as writing or simply resting can help us to be fully immersed in a task.'

'This trend will also see a steady increase in furniture restoration, playing into the wider interest in shopping second hand, and extending the life of items in our home.'

Built to last

Green-grey velvet sofa in living room

(Image credit: Future PLC)

'Designs that are sustainable and built to last have always been on trend, but even more so in 2024, as we all do our best to buy more consciously,' says Sebastian Clarke, senior designer at King Living.

'Homeowners are looking for furniture that they can move from home to home for the many years to come. Whether that’s a modular sofa that can be reworked and redesigned to suit different spaces or whether you can have removable covers so you can interchange throughout the seasons or to suit your home aesthetic.'


'New to 2024 will be the accentuation of unusual angles and abstract designs,' advises Sarah Lloyd, paint and interiors specialist at Valspar Paint.

'From sofas to cushion, vases, and wall archways, playing with abstract angles is set to be very on trend. Introducing rounded shapes, like arched vanity mirrors, brings a softness to your space if you don’t have any angles to play around with in your home!'

Scalloped shapes

Blue scalloped headboard on bed

(Image credit: Future PLC)

'Scalloped details are a great way to weave some different design styles and now is the time to incorporate it in your home if you haven’t already,' says Amy Wilson, in-house interior designer at 247 Blinds and 247 Curtains.

'Scalloped headboards and lamps have been popular in previous years and are going nowhere fast. If you’re looking to create a statement with scalloped edges, why not incorporate some contemporary curtain trims into your living room - these will add a luxurious finish and add interest to any interior space.'

Tactile touches

Brass doorknob on wooden door with wool hanging

(Image credit: Future PLC/David Brittain)

'In 2024, homeowners will be looking to incorporate comforting textures in the form of tactile fabrics and natural materials to create a cosy, cocooning interior,' notes Lisa Coppin, chief creative officer at The Cotswold Company

'These fabrics can be incorporated in several ways, from bouclé upholstered furniture to chunky knitted throws and cushions - all of which are perfect for the colder months of the year.'

The tactile moments aren't only just in terms of soft materials - hardware, too, is having a resurgence. 'We are seeing more and more requests for hardware that adds texture and interest into room design - and introducing tactile cabinet knobs and handles is a great way to do this,' says Paul Clifford, managing director at Croft

'Opting for quality when choosing frequently touched items is key to longevity, so choose cabinet pulls and handles with an interesting pattern and design for a luxurious finish with a difference.'

Natural materials

Window seta

(Image credit: Future PLC)

With all the colours of nature being so important for home decor trends 2024, it's no surprise that materials are following the same path.

'We are seeking a connection to nature – bring the outside in with soft tones of pebble and sage, natural fabrics such as linen and cotton, and cloud-like cotton quilts offering supreme comfort and an escape from a busy world,' points out Laura from Feather and Black.

Sustainable flooring

Chair on sisal flooring

(Image credit: Future PLC/David Giles)

'Eco-friendly home decor has been on the rise for the past few years, and it is expected to continue in 2024 as it contributes to a sustainable lifestyle while also helping create a healthier and mindful living environment,' notes Johanna from Tapi. 'This is being implemented in flooring with materials such as wool, reclaimed plastics, and recycled polyester being great eco-friendly options for carpets.'

'There is a persistent growth in the demand for eco-friendly options like recycled materials, as well as wool and sisal due to consumers looking to make eco-conscious choices,' agrees Jon Flannigan, product manager at Kersaint Cobb.

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