Kitchen trends 2024 – a round-up of the latest looks in kitchens for the year ahead

If you're looking to update the hub of your home, be sure to check out all the latest kitchen designs and trends right here

Beige ribbed kitchen cabinets with white marble backsplash and peach walls.
(Image credit: Magnet)

If you're looking to give your kitchen a refresh for the new year, checking out the latest kitchen trends is a great place to start. A room that calls out to be both functional but beautiful, these days the breadth of choice available is almost endless,  ensuring that there's something to suit everyone.

While not always the cheapest room to update, with the right kitchen ideas and budget in mind, you can achieve a fresh, contemporary space that reflects the latest designs and style ideas, all of which we have collated here for you. 

If you're setting out to find out how to plan a kitchen, there are so many design elements that need to be addressed. From choosing the right layout to work for your needs to researching the best appliances, splashbacks and worktops to create a space that you love. 

It's useful to keep kitchen trends in mind, especially when it comes to adding value for resale. It's a bit of a false economy to spend a fortune on an unusual kitchen that may not appeal to others, especially if you plan to sell up in a few years time. Choosing a look that has universal appeal and - dare we say it - bang on trend will attract rather than repel potential buyers.

We’ve asked the experts at leading retailers to share their thoughts and insights on the biggest kitchen trends 2024. And for good measure, we've added a few hot trends of our own that we love and swear by.

'Kitchen design can be so much fun and really satisfying when you take the time to design… rather than just filling a space,' notes Rod Gaskell, Owner, Kütchehaus.

So whether you know exactly what you want or if you're still undecided and need some inspiration, read on to discover all you need to help you create a kitchen that’s on-trend and right for you for many years to come.

1. Slab splashbacks

Beige ribbed kitchen cabinets with white marble backsplash and peach walls.

(Image credit: Harvey Jones / Swoon)

Quiet luxury dominated interiors trends in 2024 and one way it's filtered through to kitchen design is with slab splashbacks. A statement, uninterrupted piece of material, either natural stone or engineered quartz, creates a simple yet eye-catching feature.

'Slab backsplashes are making a big statement in 2024 kitchen design. These seamless, continuous backsplashes create a sleek and modern look,' advises Richard Davonport, managing director at Davonport

'Whether it's a marble slab or a more budget-friendly porcelain/quartz alternative, the use of a single material for both worktop and backsplash adds an elegant and timeless touch to the kitchen. Our pick would be Calacatta voila marble or viola marble for your slab splashback as they have intricate swaths of veins in either black, deep purple or brown which make them more interesting than a plain alternative.'

2. Earthy tones

Magnet French Clay orange kitchen with island

(Image credit: Magnet)

Move over neutrals - warm earthy tones make up the it-palette of kitchens in 2024. With years spent inside nurturing our interiors, the desire for a cosy and inviting kitchen is larger than ever before. 

'The demand for a ‘warm’ kitchen ambience continues to shape interior trends in 2024, steering away from the era of grey. Instead, we anticipate an earthy colour palette featuring rich burgundies, muddy golds, fresh greens and crisp teals will come to the fore,' expects Melissa Klink, creative director at Harvey Jones.

'These hues look set to replace the cooler tones, creating spaces that emanate a cosy, retro-inspired vibe while seamlessly blending comfort and style.'

Al Bruce, director of Olive & Barr, adds, 'We expect to see homeowners gain more colour confidence in 2024, introducing colour throughout the kitchen, through cabinetry, worktops and even inside cupboards and pantries, creating unique elements of surprise.'

3. Warm wood

Warm wood kitchen cupboards with marble backsplash

(Image credit: Future)

Bare wood cupboards are set to make a comeback in 2024, inspired by Scandi design, so don't worry if you can't decide on a colour scheme. 

'The wood kitchen trend has made a significant comeback in recent years. We have moved on from outdated and clunky wood kitchens to seamless elegant designs, which celebrate the beauty and versatility of wood,' says Al Bruce. 

'With a nod to the Nordic style, we have noticed a demand from homeowners looking to invest in an authentic look which celebrates natural materials in abundance, moving away from the stark white design from previous years. Wood kitchens create a warm, inviting atmosphere, the natural grain and textures add depth and character to the home and provide the perfect backdrop for an abundance of natural textures, from quartz worktops to sandstone floors and more.'

4. The back kitchen

Davonport black shaker kitchen with checked floor

(Image credit: Davonport)

The idea of a 'back kitchen' (essentially a secondary kitchen) might seem like an unbelievable luxury, but there are so many ways to incorporate the premium trend into your home allowing for a smaller budget and home. Whether it's through a utility room or a portion of your kitchen reserved for prep, you can embrace the back kitchen. Or maybe you're lucky enough to have a proper back kitchen entirely. 

'The ‘back kitchen’ trend has been gaining interest in modern kitchen design. This idea involves a secondary space, separate from the main kitchen, dedicated to tasks like food prep, storage and utility functions,' says Al.

'Homeowners are increasingly valuing the idea of keeping the primary kitchen area clean, organised and more focused on entertaining. The back kitchen might feature additional sinks, ample countertop space and discreet storage. This trend aligns with the desire for open-plan layouts while maintaining a clutter-free and simplified look.'

5. Playful hardware

Plank Hardware blue kitchen with gold bobbin handles.

(Image credit: Plank Hardware)

2023 was the year of bobbin furniture and 2024 will finally see this trend make it's way through to kitchen cabinet hardware. Brass has been popular for years now and we don't anticipate it going anywhere, but think bigger and braver for the upcoming year.  

'Having grown tired of minimalist silhouettes, we’ll be drawn to hardware with character in 2024,' advises Tom Revill, co-founder of Plank Hardware

'We’ll see cabinet handles with more playful silhouettes, taking inspiration from retro shapes. For instance, we’ll see ‘70s-inspired tubular cabinet handles. Plus, the bobbin motif will be seen across touchpoints, taken from the ornate, spherical shaped furniture legs seen in the 17th Century.'

6. Vintage whimsy

deVOL kitchen with light pink walls and cafe curtains on windows

(Image credit: deVOL)

We raved about cafe curtains a lot on the Ideal Home desk this year, and ever since, we've spotted them everywhere. The vintage-inspired look is going to be a big kitchen trend for 2024 and expect to see antique-esque features popping up in every aspect of a design. 

'Having spent plenty of time at home during the pandemic, many retreated inside their family homes, embracing a more cosy, lived-in space. We’ll continue to create that familiar feeling by welcoming vintage-inspired design features, such as shiplap walls, fluted apron front sinks, as well as built-in pantries with barn doors or double larder units,' Tom predicts. 

'In 2024, we’ll see plenty of shaker-style kitchens with panelled splashbacks and cabinetry painted with warm, enveloping colours, such as chocolate brown, all topped off with contrasting, vintage-inspired homeware.'

1. Open shelving

Kitchen with marble kitchen island and worktops, white colour scheme, open shelving

(Image credit: Future PLC/Anna Stathaki)

Open shelving was a big hit for adding personality to a kitchen in 2023, and the trend for showcasing your style will continue through to 2024. But it's about what works for you and your space, as Rebecca Nokes, Head of Design & Brand Creative, John Lewis of Hungerford explains.

'Trend-wise, we’re seeing people really do what they want to do! For example we have a London client but they want a really country-style kitchen. We’re seeing a mix of both contemporary and classic kitchens and with both having open shelves and a pantry rather than lots of wall cabinets. Islands will not go away and are still very popular and will continue to be as they’re great for practical reasons but also provide the perfect place to socialise.' 

2. Rugs (yes really)

Green kitchen with ruggable checked rug.

(Image credit: Ruggable)

Rugs in a kitchen may instil the fear in the some, but they are the perfect addition to not only soften the space, but zone it too. 

Alan Russell, sales director UK, Louis de Poortere says, 'Kitchens are functional first and foremost and purposeful hard finishes reflect that, but with open plan dominating modern living they’re increasingly spaces that need flexibility and adaptability while also feeling cosy enough for activities outside of domestic duties. The layering of textures is a great way to achieve both – helping to zone areas and create an added layer of tactility.'

'Even in the most modern kitchens, and minimalistic of high-spec open plan kitchens, layering up on the floor to create pockets of activity can be a great way to bring order and comfort in equal measure. A well positioned rug beneath a dining table adds cosiness for family meals and entertaining, while dressing a reading corner or chill-out area with one makes the area’s intent clear and gives a feeling of warmth that you only truly achieve with textiles.'

'They’re also beautifully versatile. If you ever want to change the layout of your room, or simply fancy a refresh they can moved, swapped and playfully laid on top of each other for even more layers of cosiness.'

3. Reeded glass

Kitchen trends 2023 latest looks for kitchen design

(Image credit: Olive & Barr)

One of the easiest kitchen trends to embrace for 2024, even in a small kitchen,  is reeded glass. As we move away from frosted or mottled, reeded glass can even be achieved with window film to save having to completely replace panels.

Al Bruce, Founder of Olive & Barr says, 'Reeded glass is having a full revival and makes a great addition to either glass cabinets, worktop dressers or within bakers tables. This stylish upgrade gives the kitchen a contemporary twist and is perfect for disguising everyday tableware which isn’t always display worthy.'

4. Aluminium hardware

Kitchen trends 2023 latest looks for kitchen design

(Image credit: Plank Hardware/Husk Kitchens)

While brass and stainless steel took centre stage for 2023, and after the Beckham's showcased their aluminium kitchen, it will be a popular trend in 2024 too. Changing up your hardware is a great way to make your kitchen look expensive on a budget, and with a low environmental impact, the material is growing in popularity as people become more and concerned with carbon footprints in the interiors and design worlds. 

Tom Revill, Co-Founder Plank Hardware says, 'Aluminium is an infinitely recyclable material, making it one of the most sustainable choices a homeowner can make when choosing hardware. As of this year, we make all of our black products from anodized aluminium, as opposed to electroplating brass (which we did in the past).'

'Not only is aluminium more hardy than brass and super lightweight to handle, it can also be shipped more easily meaning the carbon impact of our products is reduced further. I foresee aluminium to be a trending finish in 2023 interiors, not only in black but also in its raw, mottled grey tone.'

6. Baker tables

Kitchen trends 2023 latest looks for kitchen design

(Image credit: Olive & Barr)

There's no doubt that kitchen island ideas are now an integral part of any modern-day kitchen, but new for 2023 comes a slightly different take on the stylish staple.

Al Bruce, Founder of Olive & Barr says, 'While fitted kitchens are unlikely to ever go out of style, the request for freestanding pieces is on the rise. Rather than kitchen islands, we're seeing an uptake in bakers tables - similar to a kitchen island, but on legs. This freestanding piece makes the island feel like a piece of furniture while still having all of the benefits of a usual island with deep drawers and a place to perch.'

7. Stylish splashbacks

Kitchen trends 2023 latest looks for kitchen design

(Image credit: Harvey Jones)

While kitchen splashback ideas might not immediately fill you with excitement, they are actually a great way to bring colour, pattern or texture into your kitchen and the trend for 2023 is to make more of a feature of them.

Melissa Klink, Creative Director at Harvey Jones says, In recent years we have seen the worktop material carried right up the wall up to the underside of cabinets or shelving. Now we are cutting off the edge of the splashback and making more of a feature out from it. Adding careful curves and delicate finishes really elevates the sophistication in a kitchen and amplifies the beauty of the stone when you can see it from various angles.'

What colour kitchens will be popular for 2024?

'The desire for colour in the kitchen has gained momentum over the last year. We have noticed a shift in homeowners wishing to add personality to their kitchen design through bold colour and texture choices, steering away from the more traditional neutral tones,' says Al Bruce.

'Though keeping an eye on current kitchen trends is valuable, opting for colours that deeply resonate with your taste is key to creating a kitchen you will love for years to come. The allure of the dramatic dark kitchen cabinetry remains; however, we have seen homeowners steer towards warmer and brighter colours, from soft pink to fiery red tones and fresh green and blue hues. We expect to see homeowners gain more colour confidence in 2024, introducing colour throughout the kitchen, through cabinetry, worktops and even inside cupboards and pantries, creating unique elements of surprise.'

What colour kitchen cabinets never go out of style?

When considering colours for more permanent kitchen items, such as cabinets, worktops and wall paint, opt for neutral shades. Natural colour palettes never date because they are so versatile and timeless. This is also a great option for potential buyers if you ever sell your house in the future.

If you fancy a pop of colour using kitchen trends, but you don't fancy a permanent feature wall or bright pink set of cabinets, neutral walls, cupboards and work surfaces can acts as a blank canvas. Try adding bright accessories and artwork which can be removed or replaced when fashions or your mood changes. Alternatively, you may like a simple neutral palette left as it is.

Investing in any element of the kitchen can prove invaluable, for both while you live in your home but also when it comes to adding value for resale. Be inspired to make the right style choices for your home with a look at the latest kitchen ideas and designs.

What kitchen trends are popular for 2024?

There are plenty of kitchen trends that will be popular for 2024 and a statement backsplash is definitely one to get on board with. 

'We have witnessed the increasing popularity of using a single, continuous slab of material, such as marble, granite and quartz as the backsplash, extending from countertop to ceiling. The slab backsplash serves as a focal point, showcasing the beauty and natural patterns of the chosen material,' adds Al.

Homeowners have been drawn to this trend for its ability to make a statement while complementing various kitchen styles, from sleek and contemporary to more traditional or even rustic designs. Additionally, the choice of material and its veining or patterns can significantly influence the overall look of the kitchen, adding depth, texture, and character to the space.'

Another trend we expect to be popular is dark wood. Abbas Youssefi, Managing Director at Porcelain Superstore, adds 'Wood effect tiles have always been a good choice in the kitchen. Often more affordable than real hardwood flooring, they’re low maintenance, durable and easy to lay. In recent years, light woods have been in vogue because they create a sleek and neutral floor space.'

'As we head into 2024 however, expect to see the trend to move more towards darker tones with more character. Darker woods create a sense of depth and personality, making it a great choice for anyone who wants to make their kitchen feel warm and truly lived in.'

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