10 tiny guest room ideas that are clever, quick and budget-friendly

Our tiny guest room ideas will give you the inspiration to transform your spare room

tiny guest room ideas, small bedroom with four poster, seagull wallpaper, white painted tongue & groove, matching cushions, aqua tartan throw, basket side table
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It's only natural that the available space you have for a guest room will be smaller than other rooms in the house. But if your space for visitors is teeny-tiny we have some clever tiny guest room ideas to give you the inspiration to tackle it with confidence. 

Guest bedroom ideas are very well suited to smaller spaces, this is largely because while they do need some storage it doesn't need to be as much as you'd find in a standard bedroom. Not to mention a guest room will feel more luxurious anyway with a paired back scheme.

'Small spaces are often deemed too challenging to accommodate impactful design but as long as you make spatial considerations you can transform a small guest room into a stunning hotel-worthy guest bedroom,' says Avalana Simpson, founder of Avalana Design

From choosing where to place the bed to painting in colour blocks, we've got you covered. Best of all, most of the changes can be made with a lick of paint and clever planning. 

Tiny guest room ideas 

The key to designing a tiny guest room is ensuring your visitors have all the comforts they need whilst not compromising on design elements. Light colours work well as does swapping out table lamps for wall lights. These clever tips will inspire your tiny guest room transformation in no time. 

1. Use cosy cocooning colours

tiny guest room ideas, small bedroom with chocolate brown walls gallery wall, cushions, stripe bedding

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

When space is tight, embrace it. It's a great opportunity to create a cosy space with a bedroom colour scheme that envelopes you at the end of the day. A place you can feel cocooned in and relaxed. 

'If you have a tiny guest bedroom, embrace it by playing to its strengths. Incorporate a rich, bold paint colour such as deep chocolate to create instant character, taking a small space from drab to stylish,' advises Helen Shaw, director of marketing at Benjamin Moore.

'These types of darker hues will create a cosy space, perfect for a bedroom where you want to unwind. For the ultimate homely feel, ensure the room is ambiently lit and a personal touch with your favourite artwork.'

Helen Shaw headshot
Helen Shaw

Helen Shaw is part of Benjamin Moore's UK division. Colour expert and international marketing director, Helen and her husband Craig are founders of Shaw Paints, acquired by Benjamin Moore in 2020.

2. Be bold with a four poster bed

tiny guest room ideas, small bedroom with four poster, seagull wallpaper, white painted tongue & groove, matching cushions, aqua tartan throw, basket side table

(Image credit: Future)

If we said you could have a four poster bed in a tiny guest room would you believe us? Well, you can – but you'll need it custom made. White will be your best friend and keep the scheme simple with subtle colours. Look at Scandi style for inspiration as they're the masters of a light and airy scheme. 

If you want to add a bedroom wallpaper idea in then choose a design that has a light background, a pale grey or pale blue will work well. Match cushions and throws to the shade you choose. Opt for a big mirror to help bounce the light and choose a round or oval shape that will flow better. 

3. Wall mount your lights

tiny guest room ideas, small bedroom with wall light switched on, wallpaper, tongue and groove, bed canopy

(Image credit: David Hunt Lighting )

Keep bedside cabinets clear for the useful items by including wall lightsin your bedroom lighting ideas instead of a standard table lamp.

‘Walls lights are a brilliant solution in tiny guest bedrooms, you can avoid harsh lighting overhead for moments of relaxation and reading in bed as well as allowing for an uncluttered bedside table,' advises Hollie Moreland, creative director, David Hunt Lighting

The bulbs you choose as important too, Hollie suggests an LED bulb with a warm, soft glow for bedside lights. 'This will ensure your guests will have enough light to read by, without interrupting their sleep pattern.’

headshot of Hollie Moreland
Hollie Moreland

Hollie Moreland, creative director at David Hunt Lighting, has a family history in manufacturing, growing up visiting workshops in her native Cotswolds. Having interned at David Hunt Lighting at 16, Hollie then studied in Paris and London before the brand’s heritage and its artisanal making drew her back in 2011, where she worked alongside one of the original family members, Peter Hunt.

4. Keep flooring as pale as possible

tiny guest room ideas, cream bedroom with grey bed, white painted floor, black side table and wall light, textured bedding, knitted throws, textured cushions, pampas

(Image credit: Future / Dominic Blackmore)

A simple interior design trick with small spaces is to keep floors as light as possible. If you have wooden floorboards then painting them white to match skirting boards will really lift the scheme and give the appearance of space. 

Keep the walls pale too, either white or cream and distract the eye with lovely layers of textured bedding – knitted throws, tactile cushions and slubby linen duvet and pillows. 

5. Consider a bed curtain

tiny guest room ideas, ditsy green leafy wallpaper, bed by window with curtain across, armchair, artwork, lamp

(Image credit: George Spencer Designs )

Bed curtains are a fabulous way to utilise space and can turn a room into two in one pull. Tim Walters, managing director of George Spencer Designs explains:

'A bed curtain is a good choice for use in multi-purpose rooms, such as an office that doubles as a guest bedroom, as it provides your guests with a sense of privacy and a good night’s rest. An extra benefit is that the bed can be neatly hidden behind a curtain when not in use.

If you love pattern and colour, a bed curtain is ideal for showcasing your favourite designs too. 

'Curtains are a great way to add decorative interest. Bed curtains in particular make a bold style statement and give a real sense of luxury; not only do they create a cosy nook when the curtain is pulled shut, but also allow fabulous fabrics to be displayed and enjoyed. Thicker fabrics, such as wool, produce a real sense of cosiness and warmth when closed,' adds Tim. 

expert headshot Tim Walters
Tim Walters

Having previously worked for several leading names in the interiors industry, including Osborne & Little and French fabric house Nobilis, Tim Walters became Managing Director of George Spencer Designs in 2014. Following George Spencer Designs’ decision in 2018 to join The Edward Alexander Group, Tim’s role expanded across the Group’s home design portfolio and now includes the overseeing of brands including Gainsborough and Heritage Trimmings.

6. It's okay to mix patterns

tiny guest room ideas, guest room with multiple prints and pattern, vintage rug, bold wallpaper, side table, mixture of prints on bedding

(Image credit: MindTheGap)

We often think that tiny guest room ideas need to be simple and pattern free, and yes, the light and airy feel is always a good option. Though if you love colour and pattern you can still embrace that in small guest room. 

‘People can often be nervous of adding pattern and colour into smaller rooms, but on the contrary, it can add character, bringing interest and depth whereas a small room devoid of colour and pattern can feel forgotten and overlooked,' says Stefan Ormenisan, managing director and founder of MindTheGap.

'Layer the room with rugs, lots of comfy scattered cushions and warm throws and embrace a mix of colours and patterns to create a jewel box feel that will deliver a show stopping moment for your guests that will bring a smile.'

expert headshot, Stefan Ormenisan
Stefan Ormenisan

Stefan Ormenisan, creative director of MindTheGap founded the brand together with business partner and friend Victor Serban in 2016, in their native Transylvania. Stefan started the collections by designing and producing wallpapers inspired by their evocative homeland, expanding the collections to offer a full MindTheGap lifestyle that celebrates a passion for maximalism, colour and pattern.

7. Keep it white and bright

tiny guest room ideas, white bedroom with single bed, desk, chest of drawers, shutters, mirror

(Image credit: Future)

A colour palette of soft whites and neutrals will lift a small space. White bedroom ideas are a classic for a reason, the trick is to paint the ceiling the same colour as the walls too. Keep the only hints of colour to the bedding, an oatmeal throw and a subtle off-white and blue cushion will add that small touch of warmth. 

You can add subtle colour in other ways too – a petite earthenware vase of seasonal flowers for example, or a picture in a frame. Shutters are a great way to save space too, the folding mechanism is neat and adds character.

8. Use a wall mural cleverly

tiny guest room ideas, bedroom with mural within panels, wall mounted dressing table, towels on bed

(Image credit: Avalana Designs )

An all encompassing wall mural might be too intense in a tiny guest room, but adding it within a wall panelling idea is a fantastic way to add a decorative aspect more subtly. 

'One of my key pieces of advice is to add interest to walls as it can really help to elevate a scheme and pull it all together,' suggests Avalana Simpson, founder, Avalana Design.

'Panelling is often used for larger rooms but it can also help to blur the harsh lines of a new build property or bare room. Go for muted blush colours but intrinsic patterns or murals.'

Keep the space in between the panels white or pale for balance and then tie in the colours from the design through to the bedding and accessories. 

headshot of Avalana Simpson
Avalana Simpson

Maximalist, Avalana Simpson has designed for high street brands including Graham and Brown, John Lewis, Next and M&S. She launched Avalana Design in 2018 to bring the vision for luxurious home interiors inspired by nature and travel to life via her own collections and later her interior design service. 

9. Place the bed in the corner

tiny guest room ideas, small bedroom with bed in corner, tongue and groove, checked bedding, artwork, pale green walls, side table, pendant lamp

(Image credit: Dunlem )

Considering your bedroom layout ideas is key, we know it's hard with a tiny guest room and it might be there's only one option for the bed, but it's about maximising what you have well. 

Placing your bed into the corner near a window is a good option, it means light can stream in across the bed whilst creating a cosy space for your guests. The vertical lines of tongue and groove give the illusion of height, paint them in a pale colour. Pendant lights hanging above a side table are a good space-saving option too. 

10. Colour block your scheme

tiny guest room ideas, colourful bedroom with colour blocking effect, lilac walls, green chest of drawers, artwork, red stripe cushions on bed, green throw

(Image credit: YesColours)

Colour blocking is one of our favourite tiny guest room ideas as it distracts the eye whilst adding fabulous colour to a small space. It's also a great way to add your personality to the room. 

Choose a paler colour for the walls and add accent shades to the furniture – but go bold rather than subtle. Then, pick similar shades for your throws to create a further 'block'.

'Colour blocking is a clever way to zone a space,' says Emma Bentley, creative director and co-founder of YesColours. 'Creating a colourful nook in just one corner of a room to include part of the ceiling is a great way of zoning a cosy space. Another brilliant quick task to enhance a space, would be to paint a frame/block of colour onto your wall around your framed art or a mirror.'

expert headshot, Emma Bestley, YesColours
Emma Bestley

Homegrown eco paint brand, YesColours, was founded by friends, John Stubbs and Emma Bestley. Creative Director and Co-Founder Emma is perfectly placed to share her unique expertise on how to use colour in the home.


How do you arrange a small guest room?

'Thought has to be given on where to place and how to present the bed as a starting point,' says Avalana Simpson. 'You need space to walk around and access each side and that is key to ensure guests have a comfortable stay. If you don’t have the cash for a brand new bed, invest well in a mattress or mattress cover as this will further add to a restful night’s sleep.

Precious floor space can be maximised by using floating furniture. Go luxe and small-scale on your bedside tables and consider adding lights to the wall with an accessible switch. A dressing table which attaches to the wall with space for a coordinating cushioned stool will create a designated dressing zone making the room feel functional.'

How do you make a tiny guest room nice?

It's all down to the finer details; the cosy plump duvet and pillows, to the tactile throw will all help make a guest room feel like a hotel.

A small vase of flowers on the bedside or window sill will add a perfect finishing touch, as does adding some books to browse. Ensure there's storage available even if it's a shelf above the bed or a hanging rail for clothes. 

'Rather than taking on the task of painting an entire room, look for areas to be creative,' says Emma. 'Consider where you can inject colour and personality without too much fuss. One way is to mask out an area around your window and door and paint them in a contrasting shade for a playful and unexpected burst of colour.'

Size should never be an obstacle to style. If you let your imagination go you'll be able to turn a tiny guest room into a jewel box for visitors to stay in.

Sophie Warren-Smith

Sophie has been an interior stylist and journalist for over 22 years and has worked for many of the main interior magazines during that time, both in-house and as a freelancer. On the side, as well as being the News Editor for indie magazine, 91, she trained to be a florist in 2019 and launched The Prettiest Posy where she curates beautiful flowers for modern weddings and events.